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The Girl On The Train..

Imagine you are on your daily train journey, and you see a woman from your window. A beautiful, young and free- spirited woman living a very happy and content life. Seeing her everyday has become your routine, but one fine day you realize that she is no more. How would you react??

The Girl On The Train is a psychological thriller revolving around the life Rachel Watson, a  32-year old woman who is trying to rebuild her life after her separation from her husband, Tom. Post her Separation, her drinking habit makes her lose her job, but she continues with her daily routine of taking a train to London. On her way she sees her old house, which is now occupied by Tom and his new wife Anna and daughter Evie. She also sees a new family residing a few houses away from Tom’s. Rachel finds the new woman (Megan) perfect and happy in her life. The later events of this book leaves you with too many questions on the mind as one fine day Rachel discovers that Megan is missing and no one knows her whereabouts. Rachel sets on a mission to find the truth and eventually discovers some unexpected realities of own life.

The Book has occupied the number one spot of the UK hardback book chart for 20 weeks, the longest any book has ever held the top spot. The film adaptation was released in 2016 and it got mixed reviews. The story needs your complete attention and dedication while reading because one small lapse can make you lose its track. It is a series of mysteries that unfolds  the unexpected from the expected.  For all those who are fond of mysteries and want to enjoy a thrilling experience , then  grab a copy (can be online too) and start reading.


My Way Is The Highway

My Way Is The Highway is  a perfect partner for  all those adventurous girls who like to live on their own terms. Yes! you heard me right. Mansha Sharan aka Manki is an ambitious, fun-loving and a determined journalist  residing in Delhi, works overtime and hates her boss. She has a peculiar habit of naming everything that belongs to her. She calls her jeep ‘Iqbal’, her maruti 800 ‘Dugg-Dugg, her phone ‘Ting Ting’ and that’s perfectly fine with Manki as she loves being herself.

Her boss makes her life unbearable when he passes on her exclusive story to someone else, and to get rid of all this frustration, Manki sets out on a solo road trip which changes her life forever only for her to return back as a completely redefined person. She lives her life to the fullest and makes such decisions that makes her more stronger as a woman to face the odds of life.

The cover of the book was one of the factors that caught my attention and that’s how i chose to read it. I thought this would just be like any other adventure story of a girl, but it is far more beyond it. In many instances, i could relate to the character of Manki as I’m presently pursuing my career in journalism and I love adventures and living my life on my own terms that will eventually give me happiness and satisfaction. It breaks all the stereotypes that surround  the life of an Indian girl. It’s a must read for everyone as it inspires you to be yourself and achieve what you have always wished for. In the end when Manki slams her resignation letter on the face of her boss, that is the time  when everyone witnesses the ‘Real’ Manki and realises that she is not just a girl who will let the odds overpower her. The climax of the book will make your reading experience a worth one.

The God Of Small Things

Two fraternal twins yet their life is different. The God Of Small Things is about two twins, Rahel and Estha born in Ayemenem, India. The novel is written by Arundhati Roy and it won the Booker prize in 1997. The story talks about the life of these two twins who are kept apart due to some family tensions, but reunite as young adults.

The author has tried to show the environment of an Indian family where in there exists people of different nature and viewpoints and are burdened with some or the other tension. The story is a family drama, but the author has given it a funny side making an attempt to keep it amusing and interesting for the readers.

Though the story is well crafted, I feel it was stretched at length in between that made me lose interest at times, but the humor and the way of writing made it a fun reading experience. I feel it should be read by people who like realistic stories. The title of the book is a mystery which will make you ponder upon it.

It’s Back

Hey guys, i hope you liked my fairy tale week. I chose some of the famous fairy tales and tried giving a different and ‘hatke‘ climax to it. Frankly speaking, this was indeed a very interesting and enjoyable activity as it reminded me of my good old childhood days, and I’m sure most of you too must have relived those days where we would listen to them from our parents or teachers.

But, as the theme of this blog, I must get back and continue with what I had started, and I will be shortly posting reviews about books and novels with an alternate climax to it. It will be indeed a pleasure if you could suggest any book to me or even a climax from your perspective. I will be glad to have some feedbacks and suggestions. Thank you and I will look forward for some ideas and suggestions.


Hansel and Gratel

An adventurous tale about two siblings who are left to live on their own in a forest by their step mother. Hansel and Gretel while wandering into the forest, find a house made up of chocolate and biscuits and they are delighted on seeing it. The moment they start feasting on it, they are kidnapped (that’s what we would call it today) by a wicked witch who makes up her mind to kill them.

The two kids are very smart and they plan their own ways to escape from the situation. When the witch is all ready to achieve her motive of eating Hansel, his sister plays the game on the witch and eventually that proves to be the end of the evil.
Climax Redefined…

While Hansel and Gratel are trapped in the house by the witch, they think of various ways to escape from the situation. The witch is very cruel and wants to make her meal out of them, and when the time comes, Gratel works out her plan, and when she is about to kill the witch, she wakes up from her she realized that she had been dreaming about all this.

She had fallen asleep while her mother was narrating a bed time story to her, and she had entered into an imaginary world, and it was just a dream. Dreams have the power to change our imaginations, and also take us to a completely different world.

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a king and a queen. Though they were blessed with all the good things in life, they longed for a child. One day a miracle happened and the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. But their happiness didn’t last for long as on the day of the celebration the child was cursed by a fairy who was not invited for the same. In a fit of rage, the fairy cried out “The king’s daughter shall, in her fifteenth year, be wounded by a spindle, and fall down dead.”

The princess grew up to become a very beautiful, well-behaved and a wise girl and she was loved and admired by all in the kingdom. The king tried his best to save his daughter from the curse by burning down all the spindles in the kingdom, but on the day she turned fifteen, the curse came true, and the princess fell down lifeless on the ground. However, she was not dead, but had only fallen into a deep sleep.

Climax Redefined…

Like every other fairy tale, even this story has a very similar ending to it. Finally, in the end the prince comes and saves the princess. How about if the prince had discovered something which we had not known? Was the princess really cursed? What if the climax was this way..

As the princess fell asleep, her parents tried their best to revive her, but they failed until a prince came and stopped by to see her. When the prince came to know about her, he came along to see, but he discovered through his magical instincts that the princess wasn’t actually cursed and she was just pretending to sleep. Even though the princess was fooling everyone, the prince kisses her in order to wake her up and let her see the reality from which she is trying to run away. He tells her that, the world is not easy and one needs to experience life as it has come and give your best by doing hard work instead of avoiding and running away from the situation.

The Red Cloak

Little Red Riding Hood, is a story about a little girl who lived in a village near a forest. She was called as little red riding hood because, whenever she went out, she liked to dress herself up in her little red cloak. She was very attached to her grandmother and so, she decided to visit her as it had been a while since they’d seen each other.

On her way to her grandmother’s house, she apparently encounters a wicked and cunning wolf. After a conversation with her, he sets off on a wicked journey to her grandmother’s house and before little red riding hood reaches, the wolf gobbles down her grandmother.

Climax Redefined…

Well, speaking frankly about the climax of the story i felt there could have been much more to it and that would have made it more interesting and funny. But never mind, as I’m here to alter it and add my way to it. When little red riding hood is on her way to her grandmother’s house, the wolf reaches and tries to trick her by disguising as little red riding hood. But, the grandmother is a wizard which no one knows about and in turn uses  her magical powers and kills the wolf. When little red riding hood reaches, the grandmother shares her adventure story with her.

The Dwarf Prince

“Mirror Mirror..who is the fairest of all?” Asked the queen in expectation of hearing her name, but the mirror replied “Snow white is the fairest of all”.Hearing this the queen was furious as she couldn’t accept the hard truth and at once ordered one of her servants to take snow white and murder her. As instructed the servant took snow white into the forest, but as destiny had its own plan, the servant felt sympathy for her and let her go. As she wandered into the forest, she came across a small hut and decided to rest for a while. When she opened her eyes after a deep sleep, she was startled to see seven cute little dwarfs staring at her.

The dwarfs were very kind-hearted and they allowed her to stay with them as long as she cooked food for them. Snow White led a very simple and happy life until one day the queen disguised herself and presented her with a poisoned apple. After taking a bite of the apple, snow white fell unconscious.

Climax Redefined…

We all are aware about this famous fairy tale of snow white..right? Like every fairy tale, even this story has a similar ending to it. Why should the prince come and take the princess along with him?? How about if the story had a twist in it?

When Snow white fell unconscious, the dwarfs built a glass coffin for her, and she was laid into it. One day, a prince was on his regular horse ride when he spotted the coffin and asked the dwarfs about it. When he heard the whole story, he decided to help them. The prince got Snow White treated by best of the doctors.Snow white thanked the prince for his help and all the efforts but decided to marry one of the dwarfs. The prince was very touched by the nature of the dwarfs and decided to include them in his secret military force of the kingdom. The prince took the princess and her seven dwarfs to his palace and they lived happily ever after.

Mystery Behind The Golden Hair

A beautiful blonde woman,imprisoned in a tower,she lets down her long hair for her lover. Who am I referring to??

I guess  by now you must have got some idea about whom I’m writing about and which fairy tale I’m referring to. The story about Rapunzel is one of the fairy tales which most of us have known and the central feature of the story is how Rapunzel meets her prince even though she is trapped in a tower by a witch. The tower has no door except for one window through which the witch can enter into the tower whenever she says, ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!’ she then lets down her long golden hair which acts as a ‘ladder’ for the witch to climb up to the tower.

A few years later, a prince while wandering into the forest hears Rapunzel singing and finds  her locked up in the tower. The prince helps Rapunzel to escape from the tower and thus they live happily ever after.

Climax Redefined.. 

Now let me try to rethink about this a little. How do we know if the prince met Rapunzel or was it someone else?? Yes, let me tell you whats going on in my mind and how i would have tried to alter the climax of this story. We always have this tendency that, all that we love ought to be pretty or beautiful. But, what about the beauty that can be a mystery within a person?? Even a person’s feeling can have a sense of being pretty. Once the prince reached the top of the tower in search of the girl he discovered that, the girl wasn’t the one he thought she was, instead it was the witch disguised as Rapunzel. But, even though the witch was pretty, he accepted Rapunzel as his princess as he had come in search of the one who was singing the beautiful song and thus the witch failed in her intention of trapping the prince by her fake looks and beauty.